The Deirdre Bibby Memorial Scholarship


Deirdre's life and achievements were honored in a 2008 Hartford Courant article:

"Shining a Beacon on African American Artists"

"Deirdre Bibby was a pioneer who dedicated most of her professional life to the emerging field of museums dedicated to exhibiting the work of African-American artists. 

'We were very impressed by her,' said Joyce Willis, who was on the Atheneum's board when Bibby was hired.

Bibby excelled at giving gallery talks to young people or the uninitiated. 'One could easily slip into lofty language, but she talked in terms the average museum-goer could understand,' Willis said.

She renovated her home in Hartford's West End, where she tore down walls and installed new tile and kitchen herself. 'She loved wood and tools,' said Willis.

Bibby was diplomatic, a good listener and "had a gentle way of moving through the world," said Andrea Miller-Keller, a former curator of contemporary art at the Atheneum who admired her work. But Bibby could also be direct. She had a classic rejoinder to people who remarked that their kindergarten child could have produced some piece of contemporary art.

'Maybe,' Bibby would retort, 'but he didn't.'"



Scholarship Recipients





Francisco Sanchez Solis

Henry Hayes is recent graduate of NYU Tisch's School of Film and TV. Born in Cambridge, MA, Henry learned Final Cut Pro at 12 years old. Through high school he made short films with friends and worked at the local Cambridge TV station. During his time at Tisch, Henry made a number of short films and worked as an editor on a number of thesis films. He also spent a semester in the Czech Republic at FAMU, the Czech national film school. He is currently working as an assistant editor on the Andrew Neel-directed film Goat, a feature that will be released in 2016.


Francisco Sanchez Solis currently resides in Mexico City. He attended NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, where he studied Film Production and Entertainment Business. Over the years, Francisco has cultivated an interest for the creative and business aspects of the entertainment industry alike, working in multiple independent film production and distribution companies in New York City.

He is a founding partner of Enfant & Poulet, a creative studio based in Mexico City and L.A. focusing on commercial and industrial audiovisual production. As a producer, he has collaborated with several filmmakers whose short films have been screened at film festivals around the world. He has also written and directed several short projects, in both narrative and documentary formats.

Little Syria follows a day in the life of Sarah: a hard-working professional, a single- mother and a Muslim woman living in New York City. It is the day of her daughterʼs 13th birthday and the day Sarah has chosen to present her with a hijab for the first time. As she navigates through the diversity of the city and of her own family, an unexpected incident with abusive authorities forces Sarah to question her responsibilities as a mother and the implications of her cultural heritage.